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Our studio is available for rent!

Be it a rehearsal venue for your troupe, or a performance stage for your show, or even a forum space for workshops and book launches - our humble studio can be used to house your event!

We’ve hosted an array of small-scale events and performances in this space, so we know that our convenient location and affordable rents go a long way in getting a full-house!

For more details, or to get a quote from our Management Team, please fill in the Form below!

Your booking will be prioritised and eligible for reduced rental rates if:

  • You are an alumnus of our improv courses; and/or

  • Your event involves improvised theater and/or comedy.

*NOTE: All activities done at The Improv Company’s studio might be recorded for publicity, archival, or training purposes. Please inform our staff if you do not wish to be recorded or have your recordings publicly published.


Please complete this form to make a booking for our studio. We will then advise you on whether the studio is available for those dates, and how much the total cost of rental will be.

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Contact Person
*if renting for rehearsals, please fill in the name of performance group and production
*e.g. 01-05 Jan 2018 (3pm - 5pm)