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Part of The Improv Company’s mission is to create a sustainable improv scene in Singapore, and that means we train new improvisers all the time! We're always hosting new classes every month, so do keep an eye out for this page!

Whether you're a Whose Line is it Anyway fan and just here for a taster session or you're a seasoned improviser looking to get even better, we've got something for everyone. The only thing we promise is laughter. Oh and a new sense of spontaneity. Oh yeah and friends from all walks of life!

Unsure about what to expect? Check out our FAQ section!



Short, sweet, & simple sessions for people of all interest levels to join!

IFE Taster Sessions ii.png

Taster Sessions: Improv for Everyone

A little nervous about signing-up for a full course? No worries! Every first and third Saturday, we host our Improv For Everyone workshop. It's a fun, no-pressure introduction to improvised theatre, suitable for any age or personality type! In this taster session, you can try out a few games and exercises about the principles behind improv and comedy. Wear comfortable clothes and drop in for two hours. 

Frequency: Every 1st & 3rd Saturday of the Month, and Every Last Monday of the Month
Workshop fee: SGD15 (discounts may apply)


For those craving to dig deep into the roots of Improv!


Improv 101: Learning to play

It's our flagship class: Improv 101 is designed for anyone taking their first steps into the world of improvisation. Re-discover a sense of spontaneous play. Over five weeks, you’ll learn how to vastly boost your creativity, tell engaging stories and harness the power of presence. For those pressed for time, we also offer Intensive Courses where the entire 101 sylabus in condensed into one weekend.

Course fee: SGD300 (discounts may apply)
Duration: 5 x 2.5hr sessions
Prerequisites: None! No theatre experience required!


Improv 201: Exploring Scenework

Enhance your improvisation skills as we dive into scene-building. Learn how to identify and heighten patterns and how to find inspiration from nothing. You'll be able to practice techniques for confident, funny scenes. And at the end of the course, jump on stage and perform what you’ve learnt in front of friends and family!

Course fee: SGD300 (discounts may apply)
Duration: 5 x 2.5hr sessions, plus 1 graduation showcase
Prerequisites: Complete 'Improv 101'


Improv 301: Advanced Storytelling

Welcome to long-form improvisation. Be a director, producer and actor all at once as you experiment with crafting full-length plays. Try formats like the Harold and learn to build even richer characters and storylines. Teamwork is at its most intricate here. Also finishes with a graduation showcase.

Course fee: SGD300 (discounts may apply)
Duration: 5 x 2.5hr sessions, plus 1 graduation showcase
Prerequisites: Complete 'Improv 201'

Visiting Workshops

Improv trainers from around the world dropping by to share in the fun!

storybox by jon pitts

'Storybox' by Jonathan Pitts ($350)
Tue 21st - Sun 26th May 2019 (various timings)

Storybox is a wonderfully imaginative two-act fully improvised theatre production inspired by Second City Co-Founder Paul Sills' Tony award-winning Broadway show Story Theater, Keith Johnstone’s improvisational narrative techniques, as well as the poetry and ritual of Japan's Noh Theatre to create a single story improvised from multiple narrations and sub-stories. Other influences on Storybox's creation are the transformational theatre works of Robert LaPage and the epic universal storytelling of mythology from Joseph Campbell.

In performance, the cast receives only two suggestions from the audience to begin the show as they discover the main character/s and bring them on a journey of discovery. Using only wooden sticks and colorful pieces of cloth for costumes and props, the highly talented ensemble of professional actors use movement, songs, and storytelling to create characters, scenes, and the overall story arc. The performance features improvised environments, images, and stage tableaux as the actors lead the audience on a creative journey. Storybox though improvised it is not like most improv, as Storybox has far more in common with phyisical and visual theatre than mainstream comedy.

finding strength in vulnerability

'Finding Strength in Vulnerability' by Jonathan Pitts ($80)
Saturday, 13th April 2019 (1.30 pm - 3.30 pm)

Openness on stage is a choice, a powerful choice that make any scene more grounded, intuitive and vital. In this workshop, the improv students will engage in three different theatre exercises designed to develop and heighten their artistic and scenic openness. After the completion of these three exercises, the improvisers will improvise a 2 person scene with their heightened awareness of the strength of choosing to be open.

taking care of the now by jonathan pitts

'Taking Care of the Now' by Jonathan Pitts ($80)
Thursday, 10th April 2019 (7.30 pm - 10.30 pm)

If you take care of the "now" in any improv scene, the future always shows up as a great scene. If you don't take care of the "now", the future never shows up and the scene spins into quicksand. Using a deeply intuitive scenic process learned from the late Martin DeMatt, one that focuses on listening and responding, the students learn how to take care of the "now" by becoming fully invested in it. They also learn how to let go of worries about where the scene is going and instead learn to understand where the scene is right now.

organic harold by jonathan pitts

'Organic Harold' by Jonathan Pitts ($80)
Wednesday, 9th April 2019 (7.30 pm - 10.30 pm)

When Del Close originally created the Harold, he did so in San Francisco in the late 60's and then he further refined it in Chicago in the mid-70's to early '80's. The style of the Harold that Del did then is now called "The Organic Harold" which featured a looser and freer structure that explored in depth the suggestion given by the audience than the now traditional Opening/3 scenes/game/3 scenes/game/3 scenes/Wrap up style of Harold that has been written about in books. Jonathan Pitts studied with Del Close 3 times, each time for a year. From Del he learned how to perform The Organic Harold as well as the early origins of group-mind.

In this ensemble-based workshop, the improvisers will get to experience the Harold as Del originally created it in its first 10 years as the students will learn to recognize and incorporate organic patterns that come from exploring the suggestion intuitively. In a world of Harolds, the original version was more like small batch handcrafted beer, made one Harold at a time, by improv artisans.

Objectives workshop

'Objectives: Good Beginnings, Middles, & Ends' by Nancy H.W. & Marshall S. ($50)
Wednesday, 3rd April 2019 (7.30 pm - 10.30 pm)

The objective is the glue that holds a scene together. It is the compass we use and the trail we follow to navigate a scene. It is in short, perhaps the most important element in creating authentic and comprehensible scenes that touch and move an audience. When the actors have a real emotional stake there will be commitment to the scene and a compelling reason to watch.

In this workshop we will be teaching methods by which we can discover and stay true to the organic heart of any scene. 

stage combat for improvisers

'Stage Combat for Improvisers' by Nancy H.W. & Marshall S. ($60)
Tuesday, 2nd April 2019 (7.30 pm - 10.30 pm)

For improvisers who love physical comedy and want to perform fights on stage in a realistic but safe manner. Learn how to pull hair, strangle, slap, punch (crosses, jabs, uppercuts and stomach punch) in a fun, safe way! Taught by peaceful but fun-loving Buddhists!

Alumni Privileges

Here at The Improv Company, we believe in supporting our students even after they've graduated from a course. No kidding - all our cherished alumni get access to a range of benefits! Here're just some of the perks you can expect:

  • Discounted Courses | We'll mark down the cost of your next course if you sign up within a month of completing your current course.

  • Priority Venue Booking | Keen on starting your own show? You'll get first dibs on renting our performance studio, and at discounted rates too.

  • Networking Events | Receive invites to our regular social events, where you can casually meet-up (and jam) with fellow Improvisers from around the world.

  • Casting Call Access | There're always new openings for auditions, festivals, and open mics in the Improv world. We'll keep you in the loop.


What our students say

I started as an audience member, laughing my butt off and never believing for a second that I’d ever be on stage doing the same thing. I was in total awe at the way the improvisers could generate so much comedy out of nothing, watching it come alive. I took the classes and made friends for life there. I think it’s safe to say improv has changed my life for the better.
— Annie Low, 27, Research Consultant
It’s like no one knows what they are doing. In a world of know-it-alls, this is refreshing. It’s the longest hobby I’ve ever stuck with. Must be the constant support. 5 stars. Through improv I discovered that I’m naturally more feelings based. The last 10 years I’ve been building my identity around being a rational robot. Improv destroyed this. Now I cry in showers, but it’s better than nothing!
— Anh Han, 33, Innovation Manager