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Improvisation’s key strength is its ability to create a highly collaborative environment. We love working with corporate clients to encourage a culture of warmth, open-mindedness and idea generation. To achieve this, we use specialised practices found only in improvised comedy, jazz and theatre. These powerful principles can be brought to the workplace in a fun and surprisingly accessible way.

At The Improv Company, our trainers integrate improv tools and mindsets in workshops via solo, paired or group exercises, activities and games. 

Workshop Itineraries


Every session is tailor-made according to the client's goals. In the past, we have conducted:

  • teambuilding workshops

  • design thinking workshops

  • innovation and ideation sessions

  • corporate role play (not gonna lie, these were really fun for us)

  • corporate entertainment / performances

  • mediation / conflict resolution workshops

  • onboarding

...just to name a few! Unsure about what to expect? Check out our FAQ section!

We welcome projects of all sizes and have been hired by MNCs, public organisations and some of the biggest companies in Singapore. 



Teambuilding: Grand Hyatt

We were commissioned by Grand Hyatt to conduct a teambuilding workshop for their Singapore team. To foster trust and teamwork, we played improvisational games that built upon acceptance, co-creation, and letting go of hesitation and uncertainty. Afterwards, we were delighted to hear that participants carried improv principles into their work lives!

They still keep on playing the ‘Yes And…’ game in work day situations!
— Grand Hyatt Singapore

Innovation and ideation: Vaughan Govier

Spontaneous creation - thinking up ideas on your feet - is where good improv shines! For Vaughan Govier, we designed an innovation-centric workshop that focused on how the sum of co-creation is greater than its parts, how to let go of the fear of failure, and how to embrace change as creativity. We utilised games that promote lateral thinking and adaptive risk-taking, always grounded in an atmosphere of emotional support.

Vaughan govier logo
Thanks to you and your team for the session. You all did a great job. We had very positive feedback from pretty much everyone. The openness and collaborative discussions carried on into the afternoon session. It was a really good day and your team made a difference.
— Vaughan Govier Singapore

SkillsFuture: Tampines Primary School

We were tasked to help introduce key tenets of the SkillsFuture curriculum to staff members at Tampines Primary School. Clearly, our improv exercises had to be grounded in sound pedagogical fundamentals - or the teachers and staff would catch us out! In order to achieve this, we collaborated extensively with the client to tailor a half-day workshop, one that engaged with the ideas of the individual in the team, being a change-maker, and fluid leadership. The workshop ended up being a success, with participants of all ages and experiences able to have fun along the way.

It was really about taking serious play seriously… Great work by The Improv Company (Kim, Hazel, Annie, Jon and all the facilitators). Perhaps this could be the next genre of professional development for teachers! …Great experience. Thank you!
— Tampines Primary School
comscore logo.jpeg

Communication and dialogue: comScore

In collaboration with Kimble Ngo from Amplify Influence, we flew to Bali to conduct a workshop on better communication. Our goal was to enable participants to generate and sustain spontaneous, positive dialogues with their fellow colleagues, clients and stakeholders, even during times of conflict.

Using improv skills like active listening, accepting and building; paying attention to body language; and negotiating as an act of collaborative creativity, participants left the session with a shared bonding experience and a greater sensitivity to interpersonal communication.


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