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We don't just teach others how to do improv - We play too! The Improv Company has two performing house teams, both specialising in their own form of imrpov comedy. They each churn out new shows regularly, with no two shows ever the same! Furthermore, we provide production support to a mix of project teams that perform seasonally with an ad-hoc casts. Read on to learn more about them~

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The Company Players

By day, they may look like regular working professionals from your office. But by nightfall, The Company Players become a mischievous crew of long-form Improvisers! The Players host monthly shows, each with its own theme or variant of long-form Improv games. Come join them for a night of laughter - you might even become their guest co-star for the night!

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Les Musicables

Want to create your own musical? Les Musicbles can help bring your dream show to life! Throw any suggestion at this stellar cast of singers and musicians, and they'll turn it into a razzly-dazzly musical on the spot! From melodramatic polka to hard-core rock operas, this team can take on any genre to give you a unique show every time. 

Affiliated Project Teams

First Draft Shakespeare

How now, good friends! Art thou searching for a periodical twist to thy regular improv shows? Dost thou wish to show off thy linguistical abilities with Elizabethan redundancies? Then may it be pleasing to thine ears that we have First Draft Shakespeare, Singapore's Shakespeare-centred improv troupe! Our mischief shall be unravelled on stage, so join our courts and make merry! 

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华语苦 (Hua Yu Ku)

A growing proportion of ethnic Chinese Singaporeans are not fluent in their Chinese language/dialect. Enter Hua Yu Ku, a rusty crew of English-educated Chinesefolk with the rustiest Mandarin ever spoken! Watch them atone for their filial shortcomings by improvising in 普通话 while trying not to lose you in translation!

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